OSS Business Incubator

Advising & Mentoring

We have assembled an experienced group of open source technology mentors and advisors to support, connect with, and help build the next generation of pioneering open source technology companies. The types of advisory services offered include:

  • Open Source Community Development and Project Governance
  • Management Consulting & Executive Coaching
  • Advisory Board & Outside Director Service
  • Non-Profit management services
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Fractional sales leadership
  • Business development support
  • Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Management: OSPO’s can help organizations flourish and be on the edge of technology innovation by engaging in OSS community building and OSS development. However, in order for OPSO's to be effective, they must be able to educate stakeholders about open source software (OSS) licensing choices and implications and be able to effectively manage OSS project advancements. OpenTeams Incubator can provide the foundation to set up an OSPO and manage the necessary compliance and intellectual property rights. Whether your company engages in inbound or outbound projects, OpenTeams Incubator is your partner to collaborate and strengthen the open source community, and build new products.