OSS Business Incubator

Supported Organizations (Past & Present)


OpenTeams helps find expert services and support for the open source software libraries. OpenTeams' network of Partners are expert service providers. OpenTeams’ marketplace offers a simplified transaction mechanism, making it easy to source, vet, and contract with multiple vendors to fulfill all of a company's open source needs.


Connecting organizations and individuals who participate in the development and use of open source tools that turn data into valuable insights.


FairOSS is a public benefit corporation with a mission to sustain the production and maintenance of freely shareable intellectual property. It is a community of those who produce open source and those who use and advocate for it. It is also a financial custodian for funding open source projects.


Fabulytics provides a suite of video interviewing tools to meet the needs of employers, academic partners, and investment funds.

Mod Tech Labs

Production studios use MOD Tech Labs to transform their ideas into beautiful, dynamic content, every day. The company is building an AI-powered platform that automates the labor and time-intensive parts of production. It’s smarter processing for visual effects so teams can get back to doing what they do best—creating.

Saturn Cloud

Data Science & Machine Learning for Scalable Python. Saturn helps teams train and deploy models with distributed systems and GPUs.


Leveraging digital signals to solve real world problems. Datum sorts billions of interactions each month to amass a data graph that is used by companies large and small to solve complex problems.

Canary Speech

Canary Speech is seeking to achieve enhancements in the diagnosis, treatment, and long-term enrichment of patient outcomes through the use of speech and language digital biomarkers. Such biomarkers have the potential to greatly facilitate improvements in diagnosis, care, and the quality of life for both patients and their families.


CrowdSmart helps organizations make well-informed, confident decisions by combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. CrowdSmart's industry-specific SaaS solutions enable decision makers to collect and refine predictive insights from colleagues, partners, and external experts.


A universal Python supercomputing platform for all analytics, ML and AI workloads. It democratizes High Performance Computing (HPC) architecture into mainstream enterprises allowing analytics programs to scale using Python.

Quansight Initiate

Quansight Initiate is an early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in startups that rely significantly on open-source technology. Geographic focus is primarily on startups in Texas and Utah, although has also made a few investments in companies in other geographic markets that are significantly aligned with the fund's mission to connect companies to broad open-source communities.


Otso makes securitization in leases better. Putting up cash as collateral in a lease has been the status quo for what seems like forever…but it doesn’t work for anyone. Otso provides Tenants with important capital flexibility at the start of a lease and Landlords with a way to unlock previously “dead” capital tied up in leases.


Teaching AI/ML using remote controlled autonomous vehicles.

Handsome App

Beauty professionals and beauty careers are highly impactful industries. Yet, what’s not talked about is that beauty service careers are often seen as frivolous – and not taken seriously. They’ve been underrepresented in professional advancement and career tools. Handsome’s mission is to provide beauty professionals with equal career opportunities that allow them to creatively build the careers of their wildest dreams – and do so on their own terms.


Makes software to enable corporations and other organizations to put open source data science to work with the right security, scale, and governance in place. Anaconda contributed significantly to the birth of Python data science and along the way established a movement of data scientists, data-driven enterprises, and open source communities.


Launched in 2018, Vertalo is a B2B SaaS company founded to map the gaps between primary and secondary trading of digital securities offerings. As the 'Operating System for Digital Assets', Vertalo is focused on connecting and enabling the digital asset economy, providing an industry-leading cap table and investor onboarding solution that facilitates direct ownership and direct listing of any private asset. A subsidiary of SeriesX, Vertalo is headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area.


SaveDay® is a financial technology company that is on a mission to solve the retirement crisis by enabling every working American the opportunity to retire with dignity. The company's goal is to provide every small- and mid-sized business with an affordable, hassle-free 401(k) plan.


Tenavox was formed with a simple mission. Create and deliver a platform for Tenants to make the best lease decisions possible in their market.


Quansight Futures

Quansight Futures is a diversified open source research and development and investment firm, focused on creating, licensing, and commercializing intellectual property in the Python data ecosystem.





Cloud Quant