OSS Business Incubator

Product Management

At OpenTeams Incubator, we recognize that your product is vital to your success and managing the product development process and lifecycle may not be feasible as an early stage company with your current set of employees. OpenTeams Incubator will manage your product/service, focus on your customers, and assist in the planning, developing, and launching process. Current services include:

  • Product ideation (especially around leveraging open source tech)
  • Product strategy
  • New product development and strategy
  • Product and/or service portfolio management
  • Customer research / feedback
  • Market/competitive research and analysis
  • Product life cycle management
  • Product requirements / user stories / roadmaps / backlogs
  • Manage communication / collaboration processes
  • Pricing and product profitability
  • Team culture, organization, and development
  • Technology transfer and commercialization