OSS Business Incubator


Our experienced senior level facilitators are proficient at offering the training and consulting services for your start-up or early stage company, which can expand your current knowledge base and skill set. They can speak directly to the unique challenges that are inherent in open source companies and address areas such as business planning, values creation, organizational culture, technology assessment, and sales strategy. Specific services include:

  • Executive Education: Technical and practical applications of cutting edge data science technologies to industry specific applications.
    • Making sense of structured and unstructured data when it comes to answering business questions.
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Live in person, live virtual, and online training.
  • Technology Training, emphasis in AI/ML and Python data technologies
    • Dask: One-day training covering the fundamentals of Dask as an extension of NumPy & Pandas to enable parallel computing with Python.
    • DASK-ML: Half-day workshop illustrating Dask-ML to scale Scikit-Learn and XGBoost approaches to machine learning in parallel.
    • Rapids: Half-day course highlighting the RAPIDS package for enabling GPU acceleration of common ETL and machine learning workloads.
    • Computer Vision: A five-day course covering the essentials of image processing & analysis together with a dive into deep learning in computer vision.
    • Deep Learning: A one-day course focusing on the implementation of neural networks with PyTorch in text and image analysis contexts.
    • Intake: Two-hour session covering the INtake library for sharing & deploying data in constrained industrial settings.
    • Xarray: A two-hour course covering the essentials of the xarray package that extends concepts from Pandas & NumPy for high-dimensional labelled multi-channel data.
    • HoloViz: One-day training building web-based interfaces using HoloViews, GeoViews, Bokeh, Datashader, and Param to construct rich, high-performance, scalable, flexible, and deployable visualizations.
    • Advanced Python: One-day workshop provides a deep dive into internal features of the Python programming language as related to asynchronous computation, concurrency, efficiency, functional programming, and object-oriented design.
    • Numba: Half-day workshop introduces just-in-time compilation of Python code, assisting with profiling sample application codes and accelerating them through Numba.
    • Made to Order: Our experts can create the content you desire to help your team understand how to apply the technologies you business needs.
  • Technical Sales
    • Sales management training
    • Building an effective technical sales team
    • Measuring what matters in technical sales
    • Individual sales rep. coaching and mentoring